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What Works Action Learning Set – Places Available (South and Midlands)

Under What Works, the Department of Children and Youth Affairs is inviting professionals working with children, young people and their families to take part in a nationwide programme of action learning sets. These free, voluntary learning opportunities are beginning February 2020, with places allocated on a first come, first served basis in Cork and Athlone.

Action Learning

Action Learning is an approach to problem solving and learning in small groups (‘sets’) to bring about significant change in individuals, teams, organisations and systems. Action learning uses a group process to help members reflect on their work and to plan future action. The work of the group is to promote learning from experience by focusing attention on opportunities for development and change, with an emphasis on solutions to identified problems coming from the participants themselves rather than experts. The concentration on personal engagement means that learners adopt a deep approach to learning.

What Works Action Learning Sets are being run in regions across Ireland and participation is open to all professionals working children, young people and their families on a first come, first served basis. Two sets, consisting of five full-day meetings at four week intervals with up to ten participants will be delivered in Cork and Athlone from February 2020. This programme of sets is facilitated by Ms Ann Dinnegan.

Joining Instructions

Further information about action learning is available on the What Works website. What Works is an initiative designed by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs which aims to maximise the impact of prevention and early intervention to improve outcomes for children and young people living in Ireland.

To register your place on an action learning set, email your preferred region to .