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Executive Leadership Programme

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Research Evidence into Policy, Programmes and Practice

Research Evidence into Policy, Programmes, and Practice (REPPP) is a partnership between the School of Law, University of Limerick and the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth.

It is responsible for leading policy research on youth crime in Ireland. As part of What Works, this partnership will support the professional development of those working with children, young people and their families. More information about REPPP is available on the University of Limerick website.

What Works recognises that many professionals work in challenging environments and grapple with deep-seated, enduring and intractable problems. Such problems have been called ‘wicked.’ Solutions are evasive and positive outcomes are difficult to achieve.

What Works – Executive Leadership Programme

Though an innovative partnership between the Department and University of Limerick, What Works is delivering Executive Leadership Programmes which enable professionals to identify these kinds of problems and develop collective solutions.

The first What Works Executive Leadership Programme was piloted in Dublin’s North East Inner City. It brought together local leadership to develop their understanding of the latest research about how to improve social programmes, linked the planning and implementation expertise of participants. Programmes have also been delivered in Limerick, Kerry, and with the Tusla Education Support Service.

Participants designed proposals for new strategies and practices for effective, collaborative interventions. Participants, split into three groups, identified ‘wicked’ or intractable problems to solve in the first two-day block. Over the course of two further blocks they developed proposals to solve their identified problem.

For more information about past programmes, please see below.